Media overload?

The weekend rolls into view again. This weekend we are promised the two warmest days of the year so far, and from where I’m sitting it looks like the weather forecasters are, for once, spot on.


It’s been a good week at work. I was lucky enough to see Guns n Roses last night at the Olympic Stadium in London. The sun’s out. We’re planning to meet friends for drinks at the brilliant Bertie Arms before dinner tonight. Life’s good.


It’s easy to feel grateful today.


I know, though, how our lives change in an instant.


Can’t remember who said it, there are few sayings more true than:


“Your current reality will and always changes.”


I’m not being negative when I say I know tomorrow might not be quite as sunny (metaphorically speaking of course) and I’m actively imprinting this feeling of well being and gratefulness and satisfaction to make sure I have it to hand when the outlook isn’t quite as rosy.


It isn’t the situation, it’s my reaction to the situation, right. I’m not up and down as a person, but I am focussing and learning how to improve my reactions to things going on around me to enable me to remain constant, grateful and there for my friends and family.


Our mega-connected world exposes us continually to a world full of events 24/7, few of which ever make me (better not speak for you dear reader!) feel like singing. It didn’t seem like it could get much worse after recent terrorist attacks at the Houses of Parliament, in Manchester and on London Bridge and then, this week, we’ve watched another tragic loss of life, we still don’t know how many lives perished in the unimaginable hell of the Grenfell Tower disaster.


My point is this: if I choose to open myself to a world full of information, I have to equip myself with the tools to manage what I take in. I can’t go down and keep going down every time there’s a story I don’t like. I have to be able to deal with external influences and stay constant, or else it’s probably better to turn the TV off, put down the newspaper and limit the information coming in.


A question for you then, dear reader: am I better off with or without a 24 hour multi-media feed?

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